Thursday, 7 November 2013

A million little things

I have been told off a couple of times recently for not updating my blog.  Sorry about that.  It's not that I haven't done anything to write about, because I've been up to all sorts.  I have a different kind of problem.

I'm overwhelmed.  Not with a big bad thing.  There is no Big Bad.  Oooooh, it's like season six of Buffy, where they realise that sometimes the badness is just every day stuff that happens *nerd face*

There are just a million tiny little things that I need to get done and I've been feeling so increasingly overwhelmed by my evergrowing to do list, that I've been paralysed and unable to do any of it. To the point where the most reasonable option for the past couple of weeks has been to come straight home from work and hide under my duvet.  It's not very healthy, is it.

Then on Tuesday evening I had a minor breakthrough.  

At least a year ago (probably closer to two), a friend lent me a DVD box set to watch.  I got halfway through it about six months ago and then got busy and didn't watch any more.  Ever since, that box set has been sat there bugging me.  I have been disproportionately distressed by that box set, just sitting there, not being watched.  
Ooooo look at me, sitting here, not being watched
My friend hasn't wanted it back, hasn't hassled me or anything like that.  It was just another thing on my list of things to do that I haven't done.  On Tuesday I had a revelation.  I do not have to watch the rest of that box set.  There is no reason on Earth, why I should have to watch that box set.  No one is making me worry about this.  Phew.  

So on Wednesday morning, I returned it to my friend and immediately felt MUCH BETTER.

So last night I went one step further and deleted my entire to do list.  All of it.  It's mostly tidying up and and housework, nothing on there that will cause death or bad hair days.  So I got rid of the lot.  And felt EVEN better.

Then I put two things on the list.  Just two things.  And I did them this morning.  I hoovered the flat and put away the enormous and evergrowing pile of clean underwear in the drawer where it belongs.

I've now got two more things on the list.  I need to write a blog (*TICK*) and clean the bathroom. 

The paralysis has been broken and it's time to start getting things done again.