Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Another blog post to bring my Juneathon effort up to date.

Yesterday, some of the girls at work agreed to do one of these 30 day challenges that seem so prevalent on Facebook at the moment. One of them was me, and I went home clutching a print out of the instructions for the 30 day ab and squat challenge.

Which in all the kerfuffle surrounding dog bathing etc, I completely forgot about until I got into the office this morning to hear two of my friends talking about how they got on.  Oops.

So this evening I did double bubble, and did day one AND day two of the challenge, which involves sit ups, crunches and squats.  The whole affair was made much more fun by Murdoch leaping on me several times as I attempted to do the sit ups and crunches, forcing me to fart at him during the squats in an effort to make him go away.  Didn't work.

But that, as well as the usual dog walking, was my effort for Wednesday 4th June.


Here comes another one, just like the other one.

Did the dog walk first thing in the morning, went to our usual spot just outside Guildford.  We walk there because it's where my dog guy lives, so after the walk I can drop Murdoch off for the day.  As I'm going on holiday on Friday and Murdoch will be staying there, I hadn't planned to put Murdoch in this week, instead having the charming little idea that he'd stay at home, all snuggled up and happy to see me when I came home in my lunch break.  

Unfortunately, Murdoch had other ideas and the little ingrate legged it up the driveway after our walk and sat outside the garage looking desperately hopeful until I used my key and popped him in his usual crate. Traitor.

To make matters worse, I had a text from my dog guy in the afternoon forewarning me that Murdoch had rolled around in something unspeakable.  He'd been hosed off once, and then on the next walk DID IT AGAIN.  Sigh.  

Now one of the nice things about Murdoch is that in the usual way of things, he's quite self cleaning.  So it's been quite literally years since I had to give him a bath.  What a palaver.  I blew the dust off the bottle of dog shampoo, ran the water until it was nice and warm and plonked Murdoch into the bath.  He sat among the bubbles looking glum while I flannelled him off.  At one point he tried to make a break for it, but mostly he sat looking like something out of an RSPCA advert while the water he sat in slowly turned black.

There then followed a sequence of me chasing him around our tiny bathroom with a towel while he tried to shake off all over everywhere.  I'm counting this entire episode as crosstraining.

After this gentle warm up, I went out to meet up with my running group to lead our Tuesday night session, a gentle chatty run up the river to Shalford and then back to Broadwater Park for a total of 3.5 miles.  

And that was Tuesday 3rd June.


I started behind, and behind I remain.  It's now the fourth of June and I'm just writing the blog post for the second.  Dearie me.  Not to worry, I am going to catch up now and will try to keep on top of things for the rest of the month.

So, on Monday 2nd June, I did two dog walks. We went to a different spot for our morning walk - we headed to Blackheath, near Shalford.  It's a lovely walk over the common there, and the dogs were quite excited to be somewhere that we usually only go to at weekends.  So that was all very jolly.

I had planned to go swimming in the evening, but unfortunately I got caught in a canine snuggle trap, which is near impossible to extricate oneself from.  

So just the two dog walks and that will have to do.


Monday, 2 June 2014


I hadn't really planned to take part in Juneathon this year, but my mojo has gone AWOL and I need something to give me a kick up the arse.

So I decided to start by just doing one thing.  So I signed up.  10 minutes ago.  Already feeling a bit behind, but not to worry, I did do some exercise yesterday, 30 lengths of the pool, 20 front crawl and 10 heads up chatty kicking. Ta-dah!

Now the blogging may get a little piecemeal towards the end of this week, as I'm off to large it in Ibiza (Guffaw. I fully expect to be tucked up in bed by 10pm each night with a nice cup of peppermint tea) and I don't think the apartment has wifi.  But nonetheless, I am Juneathoned right up and ready to roll.